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Account Management

CSE Labs accounts are no longer closing every term

If you have had a previous CSE Labs account, you do not need to reopen it every term. Accounts will be closed after a year of inactivity.

Welcome to the CSE Labs Account Creation Site

Use this site to initiate your CSE Labs account. CSE Labs use is open to any student currently enrolled in the College of Science and Engineering.

If you do not know what your username is, or you are having problems see the U of M Student Internet Account Initiation Form.

For further information send email to or stop by the Systems Staff Office in Keller Hall 1-201.
For a list of our hours see Systems Staff Contact Information and Hours.

Changing your Password

If you want to change your password, you will need to use the U of M Internet Account Options web page.

Systems Staff Operator: 1-201 Keller Hall, 200 Union St, Minneapolis, MN 55455     Phone: (612) 625-0876     Email: operator [at]